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Mate USA provides 12 & 24 VDC Transfe and Booster Pumps for Diesel, Oil, and Coolant.

UP Series Diesel Transfer Gear Pumps


HIGH SPEED Compact and professional self-priming electric pumps with bronze gears for transferring of liquids. Pump body in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel shaft.


Main applications: Transfer of diesel fuel and antifreeze.



UP/E-BR Series 12/24V Adjustable Speed Electronic Pressure Pumps


Self-priming electric pumps with constant pressure electronic control for the transfer of diesel and oil.


The integrated SCS control panel allows for switching between "High-Speed" and "Low-Speed"


Main applications: Draining engine sumps and lubricating engines.




ON/OFF Integrated Switch Pumps         

with reversing option


Self-priming electric pumps for refueling and transfer of diesel, oil and water with ON/OFF switch integrated into the water proof cap. "R" versions are fitted with a 3-postion switch for reversing flow direction.


Main applications:

                                                             Refueling and transfer of diesel, oil and water.



Oil and Diesel

Transfer Kits



Compact oil change kits.

Easy to operate and carry. Available with electronic control panel and 12/24 universal voltage.


Variable speed of the motor proportional to liquid viscosity.


Reversible: Drains and fills oil and diesel. Complete with bronze gear pump, clips, fuse, hoses and accessories.



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