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As we visited with our customer's it became apparent that there was a need for a hi-quality, competitive and complete grease fitting kits. With this in mind, and from generous feedback from our customers, we have successfully launched a Standard Grease Fitting Kit and a Metric Grease Fitting Kit. Please review the information below along with the attached cut sheet for additional information.

Standard & Metric Grease Fitting Kits

Metric Grease Fitting Kit—VGFK-MET
List Price $66.00

Part Numbers in Kit          Type         Thread               Quantity

VM6-100                          Straight     6MM X 1MM        30

VM8-100                          Straight     8MM X 1MM        20
VM10-100                        Straight     10MM X 1MM      10
VM6-45                            45°            6MM X 1MM        10
VM8-45                            45°            8MM X 1MM        5
VM10-45                          45°            10MM X 1MM      5
VM6-90                            90°            6MM X 1MM        10
VM8-90                            90°            8MM X 1MM        5
VM10-90                          90°            10MM X 1MM      5
VM8-100                          Straight     8MM X 1MM        20
VM6-100                          Straight     6MM X 1MM        30

Standard Grease Fitting Kit—VGFK-STD
List Price $66.00

Part Numbers in Kit          Type         Thread               Quantity

VS-100                              Straight    1/4”-28 Taper    30
VS-145                              45°           1/4”-28 Taper    10
VS-190                              90°           1/4”-28 Taper    10
VS-200                              Straight    1/8” PTF             30
VS-245                              45°           1/8” PTF             10
VS-290                              90°           1/8” PTF             10

Special points of interest:

  • We will Name Brand Each Kit with Your Logo;
  • We will List all of Your Dealer Locations with Phone Number and Addresses as Applicable;

The grease fittings are made of high quality 12L14 steel, with ball check to prevent contamination, heat treated (case hardened) to prevent wear, and zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

All grease fittings exceed SAE J 534 and USA Military specifications.



NOTICE: All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the original equipment manufacturer.

Viking Grease Fitting Kits
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